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New Yorker Sketch and Blurb
New Yorker Sketch and Blurb
March 25, 2002

Blurb by Alexi Worth
Sketch by Marcellus Hall

Text of blurb:

Although Levy makes sculptures of herself, usually naked, often larger than life and in odd places (two winters ago, on of them was jutting off a Chelsea warehouse roof for months), the work is surprisingly free of exhibitionism. Instead, she seems to offer herself as an example of various universal embarrassments. This time out, her upper half, bundled for winter, busts through the roof of a garden shed-- actually, it's a mini gallery, Holland Tunnel-- while her naked and spotlit bottom half stands spread-legged in the warmth of the gallery proper, for a comically literal take on the dilemma of the divided self. (61 S. 3rd St., at Wythe Ave., Williamsburg. Through March 24.)