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Boston Globe Review of Chesterwood Exhibition
Boston Globe Review of Chesterwood Exhibition
September 2010

By Cate McQuaid September 19th, 2011, Arts & Entertainment, N6

Excerpted text:
STOCKBRIDGE- Here's a daunting, but irresistible challenge: Stage an exhibition of contemporary figurative sculptures on the estate of one of the great American sculptors of the human form, Daniel Chester French. Just about every American recognizes French's best known work: the pensive, giant Abraham Lincoln Memorial....

Contemporary art should instead push beyond our expectations, and many of the works here surprise. For instance, I never anticipated a figurative sculpture about the horrors of motherhood.

In Nina Levy's delightfully ghastly "Shirtheads," two white busts of the artist's own head appear mummified- or if you will, momified- by children's shirts, all petrified in marble-like gypsum. In the nightmarish "Stroller," Levy's head appears again, this time inside a stroller with eyes wide and worried, equating the mother with the helpless infant...."