Illustrations > I'm Not, I Don't, and I Won't

I'm Not, I Don't and I Won't
Thumbnails for 5th spread
I'm Not, I Don't and I Won't
Thumbnails for 5th spread

photo snapshots to be replaced with painted illustrations

Complete text:

I 'm not cold
I 'm not hungry
I 'm not tired
And I don't need to go to the

I won't get up
I won't get dressed
I 'm not ready
And we are not going anywhere.

I don't need to wash my hands
I don't need a tissue
My feet aren't dirty
And I will not take a bath.

I didn't do it
That isn't mine
It was an accident
And I am not sorry.

Don't look
I don't need help
I won't get hurt
And I do not want to hold your hand.

It's not his turn
I 'm not moving
It's all mine
And I am not going to share.

I 'm not cranky
I 'm not grumpy
I don't want a snack
And I do not need a nap.

I'm not interested
I'm not listening
My ears are closed
And I don't want to hear about it.

This is so boring
Where is the exit?
I can't take any more
And I have to leave now.

I will not hug her
I won't say thank you
That is not what I asked for
And I am not feeling grateful.

I don't want any
My mouth is closed
I don't like the taste
And I only have room for dessert

I didn't fart
I didn't burp
I didn't spill
And I am not cleaning it up.

I don't care
I don't like you
I won't calm down
And I will not behave.

I was just kidding
I didn't mean it
I didn't understand
And it was not my fault.

I won't stop
I won't give up
I'm not finished
And I can do it myself.