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Sculpture of a twice life size woman, the upper half dressed and the lower half nude in a small gallery space
More Than I Would Say About Most People
polyester resin, automotive paint, urethane foam, gypsum
Two components, each two times life-size
February 2002

Installed at the Holland Tunnel Gallery in Williamsburg Brooklyn, curated by Larry Walczak of eyewash

New York Times review

New Yorker coverage

"More Than I Would Say About Most People" was a sculptural installation that responded specifically to the unusual nature of the exhibition space at the Holland Tunnel Gallery.

The Holland Tunnel was a clean, white- box style gallery insidea tiny freestanding gardening shed in South Williamsburg Brooklyn.

"More Than I Would Say About Most People" addresses the intimate and undersized quality of the building through an Alice in Wonderland style scale distortion.

A female figure towers over the entire building, her unclothed lower body lodged in the private space of the gallery, and her upper body (dressed for an outdoor exhibit in February and March) rises from the roof of the shed.