Nina Levy: Sculpture and Photographs
Toss (Front View)Toss (back view)Toss (detail)Large Head at National Portrait GalleryMedium Baby HeadMonster in a Box (front)Monster in a Box (back)Monster in a Box (detail)Drop (top half)Drop (bottom half)Big Baby (Front View)Big Baby (Back View)More Than I Would Say About Most PeopleMore Than I Would Say About Most People 
(lower half)Every Little ThingIngrateAfterthoughtHeadlong (from roof)Headlong 
(detail)Headlong (from street)Projection 
(top view)Projection 
(side view)Self Same
(front view)Self Same
(side view)Self Same
(Detail of Large Body)Couple 
(front view)Couple 
(side view)Sculpture for a CornerSculpture for a Corner 
(side view)Composition 
(Top View)CompositionCage with Contents
Earlier Sculpture
Listed in roughly chronological order