Nina Levy: Sculpture and Photographs
New York Times Coverage of
Big Baby at the Aldrich
June 1st, 2004
Text by Fred A. Berstein

"While the new building was under construction, the Aldrich presented a friendly face to the community: a fiberglass sculpture by Nina Levy called "Big Baby." Harry Philbrick said: "We have this ongoing project, where we invite artists to make work to display on Main Street. It's a tough assignment, because it has to be good drive-by art." When Ms. Levy proposed the baby, Mr. Philbrick recalled, " We loved it, because we were about to have our own baby-- metaphorically: the new building." The piece has been controversial. "People wanted to know if it was an abortion symbol, pro or con." Mr. Philbrick said, "It got vandalized over the holidays-- it was a high school kid who had been knocking down mailboxes, stuff like that. An we had to take it into an auto boy shop to be repaired."